Action learning - Free training/ professional development opportunity

Jackson’s Lane hosts…

Action Learning for arts practitioners of all disciplines

Free training features

  • Exclusive opportunity to engage in an innovative way of business, professional and      personal development
  • Work in a small group with an experienced facilitator with an extensive learning      tool kit.
  • 1 half day per month for 5 months at Jackson’s Lane, a conveniently located Haringey venue opposite Highgate Tube
  • Opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and network

6 free places starting in January.

To express your interest in participating or for more information, please email  lynne@communityactionlearning or call 07770 642 885



What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is a process of working and learning where participants meet regularly to focus on work-based issues, problems and questions. It provides a structure to progressively work through a project.

How does it work?

5 or 6 people meet once a month for 5 months bringing a current project. Each participant has a set amount of time each session to explore aspects and concerns around his/her particular project. The other members of the group ask challenging questions to encourage a deeper exploration of the issues. Goals are set and progress reported on.

When is it useful?

If you need to confront a new or changing situation, test out new ways of working or move to the next level, Action Learning can provide a supportive group to help problem solve and set goals. It can also help to address the isolation of freelancers.

What are the benefits?

Action Learning provides the opportunity to talk about your business or project and test out ideas in front of a group outside your usual environment. It offers a space for reflection and ‘time out to think’. Also, observing and listening to the way other participants think and work, will suggest new ways of doing things. Action Learning aims to improve listening and speaking in public, build confidence and resilience and develop leadership and entrepreneurial behavior as well as providing networking opportunities.


Quotes from participants

Participating in Action Learning gave me a real sense of relief that I was not the only one struggling with work/life balance. I found that very empowering as it also made me realize that we all have the resources to deal with our challenges. Also the goal setting gave me more impetus to do work that had previously been sidelined because of ‘more pressing things’. Performing Arts Entrepreneur

When I came into the voluntary sector from running a university department, I thought it would be a breeze. I was wrong – there seemed so many differences at first that I didn’t know where to start and I felt a little isolated. My action learning set helped me stand back and get a reality check and understand how to apply my existing skills to my new context. This gave me enough confidence to learn the additional skills I needed for a positive way forward.”   CEO, Voluntary Sector Organisation

For more information on Action Learning see

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