ArtWorks - survey for artists workign in participatory settings.


A survey is being undertaken to support the Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) Special Initiative called ArtWorks, which seeks to understand and develop support for artists working in participatory settings. This survey is interested in response from practising artists from all artform areas, who may engage to whatever extent with individuals, groups and communities through their practice.


The survey will run from Monday 27th January to Wednesday 19th February. In this period we would like to access the largest number and widest range of artists which we can, in order to get as full a picture as is possible of artists’ experiences of training and development to support work in this area.


The link to the survey is here:


All responses will be anonymous, and under no circumstances will individual responses be made available to partners in the project or published. Respondents will be grouped by artform, key demographics and will also be asked to indicate whether they belong to networks and membership bodies. The results will be analysed looking at these different groups, and made available to partners, networks and through a report.


The survey is being undertaken by an independent research agency, DHA. If you would like to know more about the survey or the way in which responses will be used, please contact Tamsin Cox, Head of Policy and Research at DHA, at:


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Thanks, Thomas - all signed up & survey completed!!

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