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Firstly, thanks to those who reported problems with spammers at the weekend - a "Mr Kwame Nimo" account was posting spam as comments on members profiles.  This account has now been deleted and any comments removed. 

We really appreciate your support in dealing with issues relating to the network - please report anything like this that happens, as knowing about it is the only way we can deal with it.

Running an open Network is a fine balancing act between keeping Spammers (and any other Internet unpleasantness) OUT, while still allowing legitimate members to register and use the Network effectively.  We already use several tools that limit spammers ability to exploit the Network and will be looking at what can be done further to prevent things like this in the future.

Thanks again for your support in this...



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We have also just set the system to enable the website administrators to approve any new membership requests - this does mean that new members will need to wait a while before they can post on the site, but hopefully means we can prevent abuse of the site.

We will shortly publish an FAQ, insttructions page, to enable everyone to get the best out of this network.

Please do continue to suggest improvements or features you would like to see on this network so that we can continue to develop it.

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